Damaged equipment or just need a quick wax and sharpen?

Binding Installation and Adjustment

Let our industry- trained professionals install your bindings on your snowboard or skis the right way – first time, every time. Our technicians undergo extensive training with the support of all of our manufacturers’ representatives. Hundreds of hours are spent learning how to provide you with the best set up of your new or used equipment.

Stance angles, widths, setbacks strap length and proper boot alignment are all carefully considered when installing snowboard bindings onto your board. Allow us to discuss these factors with you in order to ensure that your experience with your new bindings is a happy one!

An improperly adjusted binding is a hassle at best-an accident waiting to happen, at worst. We are more than happy to explain to you in further detail how you can get the most out of your bindings.

Waxing, Edges and Repairs

Skis and snowboards need to be hot waxed in order to maintain a smooth gliding running surface. Many different waxing combinations are used to give the optimal glide for differing snow types and temperature ranges. You can have us do this work for you, or we can provide you with the proper tools to wax your equipment on your own. Basic waxing techniques are fairly simple – providing you have the proper working space to wax in. It’s a bit messy, so you’ll need a work area that can get dirty without getting you evicted from your apartment!

Specially designed tools are required to maintain sharp, square edge angles and base repair materials and finishing products are also key components to a comprehensive repair kit for your equipment.

We stock a vast array of files, stones, edging tools, irons, vices, portable waxing benches and waxing supplies for those of you who prefer to tune their own skis and boards.