Team Green Card, the ultimate discount and loyalty card.

Deal 1 — TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. FIRST DAY FREE. Rent any Team Green Demo Skis for more than one day and receive your first day rental charge for free. All Demo Skis are for sale. Subtract the rental fee from your ski purchase should you decide to buy the pair of skis that you rented.

Team Green Card Information

Try Renting New Skis Today at Abominable Sports

Looking to Buy but Unsure?

You are NOT alone! Most of the people who shop at our store are not really sure what equipment will work best for them. With the vast amount of conflicting information available today and hundreds of different models to choose from, you would need to be a full time product tester to figure it all out! (Good work, if you can get it…) Why not remove the guesswork from the buying process by trying the exact same pair of skis you are considering buying?

Why Demo New?

Because nothing beats the experience of skiing on BRAND NEW SKIS that have been fitted to you personally! When you participate in our exclusive ELAN NEW DEMO SKI program, we’ll ensure that you are testing the right size, flexibility and shape of ski that suits YOUR INDIVIDUAL SKIING STYLE. We’ll let you know in advance what the particular ski that you are trying has been designed to excel at, and where on the mountain the ski will make you feel most at home.

Why not just rent ‘demo’ skis at the resort instead? Or better yet, wait until there is a free ‘demo day’ at your local ski hill?

I’ll give you several good reasons:

  • When you get free demos, you often end up with a ski that has a different binding on it than you will purchase at the store later on. These may be heavier and may have been installed on a different point on the ski, drastically changing your balance point and making the ski perform differently than it should.
  • Secondly, the skis may or may not be sharpened and waxed properly, depending on how often they have been used. Furthermore, they may have already been damaged by the last person who had tried them before you!
  • Lastly (and most importantly) you may be skiing on a ski that was not really designed for the kind of skiing or snow conditions where you end up using it on that day! Not only that, but there is a pretty good chance that you will be skiing on the wrong length of ski, too. All too often, you go away as confused as when you started the process. Many brands have suffered the wrath of a disgruntled demo customer who simply had the wrong model or size of ski on!

When you ‘DEMO NEW ELAN’ skis from Abominable Sports in Banff, we’ll take the time to listen to your needs before we give you our best advice on which model and size of ski is right for you. We then fit the bindings to your boots and send you out on the hill on FACTORY FRESH product.

It must be an expensive proposition, isn’t it?

Not really. You pay $30.00 or $40.00 for each day of your Rental. If you decide to buy your skis, we will credit your sale for the full amount of the Rental Fee at the time of sale. Most of our customers purchase the first pair of skis that they try, because we take care in listening to your needs before suggesting what should work best for you.

But what if I decide not to buy the skis after I’ve already tried them out?

No problem. Just return them to us in good condition. All it will have cost you is the Demo Fee.