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Deal 1THIRD AND SEVENTH DAY FREE (when renting for a week).

Deal 2RENT TO OWN (try them then buy them).

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Abominable Sports has the best quality ski rental equipment in Banff

Our rentals

We specialise in fitting and renting ski equipment. We know that when you are looking to hire ski gear, you’re looking for quality gear at affordable prices. Our friendly and knowledgeable will make sure your ski rental experience is hassle-free so you can spend more time out on the slopes.

Try Before You Buy

Our try before you buy program allows you to buy your rental skis at the end of your rental period if you like them. Why not remove the guesswork from the buying process by trying the exact same pair of skis you are considering buying? Get more info on this program here.


Winter Season Rental Prices

Ski Rental and Ski Rental Packages
Demo Ski Rental - Skis Only$50.00/day
Demo Ski Rental - Skis, Boots & Poles$70.00/day
Demo Ski Rental - Skis & Poles$60.00/day
Recreational Ski Rental - Skis Only$30.00/day
Recreational Carving Ski Rental - Skis, Boots & Poles$50.00/day
Recreational Carving Ski Rental - Skis & Poles$40.00/day
Park Ski Rental - Skis Only$30.00/day
Park Ski Rental - Skis, Boots & Poles$50.00/day
Park Ski Rental - Skis & Poles$40.00/day
  • Adult ski lengths available from 140cm to 190cm
  • All sizes are available on a first come, first served basis. For the best selection and service, please visit us personally to allow us to help choose the correct ski in the proper size to suit your needs.
  • Download our ski sizing chart here.
Ski Pole Rental
Lightweight - Adjustable Length$10.00/day
  • Rent or purchase skis or boots and get a pair of new Elan ski poles for ½ price.

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