Team Green Card, the ultimate discount and loyalty card.

Deal 1 — Buy any item in stock. For all additional items that you purchase at the same time, (of equal or lesser value) you will receive an additional 20% off of the marked ‘red tag ’sale price.

Deal 2 — Cardholder is entitled to participate in our JUNIOR BUYBACK PROGRAM. Purchase any junior ski, boot and binding package for the sale prices indicated on the floor. We will buy them back from you at the beginning of the following ski season for 50% of what you paid for them. All additional items purchased at the same time as the child’s junior ski package will receive an extra 20% off of the marked sale price. (including kid’s ski jackets, pants, base layers, mid-layers, helmets, goggles, ski poles and accessories).

Deal 3 — Access to our 30% DOWN LAYAWAY (lay-by) PROGRAM.

Deal 4 —Buy flat mount skis on sale, get suggested bindings for ½ price.

Deal 5 — Buy skis, board or boots, get ABOMINABLE BAG for ½ price.

Deal 6 — Buy any skis, get Elan ski poles for ½ price.

Deal 7 — Buy any helmet, get Gordini goggles ½ price.

Team Green Card Information

We only stock the best brands in the industry

Elan Skis Available for Sale at Abominable Sports, Banff Avenue
Salomon Ski Gear Available for Sale at Abominable Sports, Banff Avenue
Fischer Ski Equipment Available for Sale at Abominable Sports, Banff Avenue
Dalbello Ski Boots Available for Sale at Abominable Sports, Banff Avenue
Leki Ski Poles & Equipment Available for Sale at Abominable Sports, Banff Avenue
Alpina Ski Boots & Equipment for Sale at Abominable Sports, Banff Avenue

Abominable Sports stock only the best brands in ski gear. These are brands that we have come to trust through our 40 years of experience selling ski equipment in Banff, Alberta. Whether you are just starting out with your skiing adventure, or you are a seasoned veteran looking to get the most out of their equipment Abominable Sports on Banff Avenue have the right equipment for you.

We stock skis, ski bindings, poles and ski boots from brands such as Elan, Fischer and Salomon. These are all brands that we use ourselves and do not hesitate to put our name behind:

  • Elan — Elan's innovative integration of woodcore and fiberglass keeps its skis light, without sacrificing durability. Based in Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia, Elan has been producing high quality skis since 1945.
  • Fischer — Whether it’s for the slopes, freeride, or touring, every single Fischer ski is full of pure passion and a commitment to skiing. Fischer’s vision is to be the winter athlete’s brand of choice through outstanding products, created for everlasting moments and new levels of individual performance.
  • Salomon — A global leader in the ski industry, Salomon produce skis which cater to all expertise levels of skiing.
  • Dalbello — Italian sensitivity for unique and advanced design, technological solutions and the passion for the boot made Dalbello a top performing brand, winning 10 Olympic medals in 2014 and supporting top athletes in freeriding and world cup racing.
  • Alpina — Alpina offers a variety of compelling choices to everyone, regardless of their skills or technique, and the terrain they tackle. Above all, these are ski boots that excel in quality, functionality, and design, and always with special attention given to the selection of materials. Enter the world of Alpina ski boots and you’ll enter a world of ambitious features and kept promises.
  • Leki — Leki offers an outstanding range of ski poles, that we believe are the best in the industry.

We feel that it is not only important to buy the right brand of skis, but to also buy the right equipment from the right shop, with the knowledge, patience and experience to ensure that what you are buying will suit your body type, skill level and skiing style.

All too often people are pushed into an expensive ski by pushy sales staff, which despite it's hefty price tag does not suit the customers ability or body type. Abominable Sports takes pride in ensuring that this will not happen to you.