Use you child's ski purchase from last year as a credit on this years skis

The Problem

Kids grow up too fast! Finding the correct size of winter gear at an affordable price for your little ones is always a challenge, especially when you have more than one or two children. The temptation for us as parents is to purchase everything too big so that we can allow our kids to grow into their ski or snowboard equipment, thereby getting a couple of seasons out of it. The resulting problem is that the child has great difficulty turning and goes careening out of control, with the panic stricken parent trying to catch them before they crash!

Our Solution

Ideally, your child should only get one season out of their equipment while they are still growing. Selling the stuff piecemeal or taking it to the local Swap Sale is cumbersome and time consuming. Why not just bring it back in to us at Abominable? We’ll buy it back from you in one easy process.


How the Program Works


When you purchase new equipment for your child from us, we will take the same care and time fitting your kids as we do with all of our adult customers. Careful consideration is given to all of the key factors that go into choosing the right products and sizes for your young ones.

Weight, height, experience level, aggression level, speed and ability are all discussed with you and your child prior to fitting. We then choose equipment that will allow your child to improve with confidence while allowing for the slight growth spurt that occurs with all kids over the course of the season.

Next fall, simply bring back the equipment that you purchased the previous year from us, and we will buy it back from you for 50% of the original purchase price.

Best selection is available between October and December, so it’s wise to shop early to avoid the disappointment of not being able to find the proper size. Manufacturers do not typically produce extra kids’ equipment for late winter and spring sales. That being said, we offer the most extensive selection of children’s gear around, so it’s seldom that we run out of stock before the end of December.